XXV YuCorr Conference And Satellite OxyRePair Workshop


XXV YuCorr International Conference and Satellite OxyRePair Workshop will take place from span 28.05.2024 to 31.05.2024 at Hotel “Divčibare”, Divčibare, Serbia

Aim and Scope

XXV YuCorr International Conference aims to embrace the presentation and discussion of the subjects directly linked to the theoretical and engineering aspects of corrosion and protection of different types of materials in the field of industry, thermal power plants, civil engineering and industry finishing, as well as to the themes considering environmental protection and chemical energy conversion for sustainable development.

Serbian Society of Corrosion and Materials Protection (UISKoZaM) is the main organizer of YuCorr Conferences. The Society exists for more than a half of century under different names, but with a single goal – to gather the colleagues from Serbia and Region devoted to the investigation of materials corrosion and protection. UISKoZaM is an EFC member society.

The authors from the universities, research centers, institutes and industry are invited to submit papers and to take the participation in the Conference. The scientific and technical program will, through the plenary work, maintain the character of the previous conferences.

The following is comprised:

· Plenary lectures (30 + 5 min)

· Invited lectures (20 + 5 min)

· Oral presentations (10 + 5 min)

· Poster presentations


The official languages of the Conference will be English and Languages of the ex-Yugoslav republics.


Please read the Instructions for Authors carefully. Please use the Paper template

Satellite OxyRePair Workshop

OxyRePair project represents a step towards more efficient hydrometallurgy and green energy storage. It is an innovative technological procedure for the complete processing and repair of waste titanium electrodes from industrial hydrometallurgical processes with a side reaction of water oxidation requiring electrical energy is the subject of research within the OxyRePair project, which is funded by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia through the Green Program from 2023 to 2025. The project is led by the National Institute of Chemistry, Technology, and Metallurgy at the University of Belgrade in collaboration with four other scientific and higher education institutions in Serbia.